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Electromagnetic Type Linear Plastic Vibration Welder

Electromagnetic Type Linear Plastic Vibration Welder
Electromagnetic Type Linear Plastic Vibration Welder
Product Code : LVW-05
Product Description

Electromagnetic Type Linear Plastic Vibration Welder

LVW-05 electromagnetic-type linear vibration friction welding machine produced by Up Impact Technology is mainly used to weld large-scale or irregular plastic workpieces. The driving die of vibration head of this equipment is 5.0kg in weight at most. LVW-05 equipment's sensor unit is capable of monitoring and controlling the welding of workpieces in real time, and carrying out small adjustment for the welding result of workpieces through PLC human-machine interface.

Main features

This equipment has the function to automatically adjust the amplitude, and it is able to automatically adjust vibration amplitude according to the weight of upper die to ensure accurate and easy equipment commissioning. It controls lifting platform's lifting speed and the holding force of workpieces to be welded through hydraulic lifting and clamping systems.

With a automatic sound-proof safety door, the noise released by vibration and friction is effectively reduced and working comfort is improved while operators' safety is guaranteed. This equipment is designed to maximally guarantee operators' safety, and there are safety sensor device at places where danger easily occurs, such as sound-proof door, electrical cabinet, repair door, lifting platform, etc. Wherever there is abnormal operation, the equipment will stop running immediately, and display the location where there is abnormality and the detailed information on a touch screen through the PLC, which facilitates timely problem finding and removal.

The vibration head is of a new structure, with low internal energy consumption, greater bearing capacity and simple maintenance. The flexible electromechanical vibration head has only one movable part and one bearing surface which needs lubrication and will be worn by products. The adjustable amplitude (stroke) setting with a feedback loop ensures that the amplitude is stable throughout welding process. The adjustable frequency provides a maximum flexibility for die's load-bearing range. It is the world's first equipment in that field. With special structure and linear guideway sliding, higher welding accuracy and better stability is achieved.

Touch screen used for equipment's welding parameters

With in-depth welding model control

Performance parameter

Loading Mold capability:

4.5KG (maximum)

Max. holding force:


Amplitude range:


Speed of lifting platform

300mm/s (maximum)

Mechanical parameter


Approximate 400KG

Overall dimension:

1150 L X 760 W X 1750 H

Lifting Table:

460 L X 300W

Vibration head:

230 L X 185 W

Noise level:


Driving power:


Electrical parameter

Main elements and components

Output frequency:


Vibration head:




Touch screen:


Power supply:

380V/3-phase, 3.7KVA, 50/60 Hz
3.7KVA, 50/60 Hz

Pneumatic system:


Operation power:


Computer PLC:

Taiwan Delta

Driving Peak Power: